Infection Control

For any medical environment it is necessary to maintain strict protocols for infection prevention. Protect Covers offers simple and affordable solutions that help keeping workplaces clean en disinfected. Our products are 100% Latex Free and custom made to fit your purpose. Keyboard Covers can help infection control and have proven to be very effective to easy disinfection of high-touch surfaces, especially in MRSA and COVID-19 sensitive environments.

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Easy to Clean

By covering your workplace equipment, such desktop phones, keyboards and mice, these devices are easy to wipe multiple times a day with virtually any hospital detergent. It will help prevent liquid spills and bodily fluids to enter the equipment's keys and buttons. 

Custom Covers

Searching for a custom cover for your device? We can design and develop covers for almost any device with buttons or keys. Please let us know your requirements so we can discuss your options. 

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Request a free sample

We offer a free sample Keyboard Cover for any Medical institution without further obligation. We would like you to experience the ease of use, and effective protection our products offer. Contact us today for your free sample. 

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