A great help with Typing Classes

These opaque blue covers help students improve their typing skills in a very unique and effective way. This one of a kind cover solution prevents seeing the keyboard's symbols while typing. A great teacher's aid in Typing Classes. We have them for Keyboards and Laptops. 

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Keep your workplace equipment clean

These strong yet flexible covers offer protection for your valuable equipment and are easy to clean. They will even prevent the keys from being removed from the keyboard! Permanently attached to your keyboard or notebook for 24/7 protection and to keep your workplaces clean. We have Mouse Covers, Keyboard Covers and Laptop Covers available. 

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Protecting (touch)screens

Our rugged polycarbonate display Screen Protectors are perfect to withstand intense daily use. Touchscreens remain workable and are easy to clean with our custom sized Screen Protectors. We have these available for any kind of display type and size. 

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Free sample for Schools

We offer a testing sample for Schools and other educational institutions. No obligations and free of charge.