EasySwap Frame and Cover

To help infection control in multiuser environments we have developed a replaceable Keyboard Cover that fits like a glove and stays in place perfectly. A combination of a perfect fit Keyboard Cover and Frame makes our EasySwap solution one of a kind. Within SECONDS your personal EasySwap Cover can be replaced for cleaning. Virtually any disinfective wipes may be used for disinfecting the EasySwap Frame and Cover. 

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Easy to clean

The 0.011" Polyurethane is easy to clean and has a high chemical resistance. Most industrial, medical and household detergents can be used on our Keyboard Covers multiple times a day without any problems. Our products are 100% Latex Free and a great aid in infection control. 

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Long lasting

The physical characteristics of the material that we use for our Keyboard Covers make them strong but yet flexible and easy to work on. This will allow you to use your cover on a daily basis for years to come.  

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This is how you use our products

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