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Protect Covers Flat Panel, Notebook, Touch Screen Protectors

Ultimate Protection

Keeps monitors free from
scratches, dents, finger prints, spots, smudge marks, bacteria, and aides infection control.

The only screen protectors and keyboard covers rated "Tough Book Tough", by Panasonic.

High Durability

Polyester hard coated. 100% Latex free. Last lifetime of the screen.

Easy Install

No air bubbles. Forgiving if you make a mistake. Reapply easily.

Crystal Clear

Does not affect monitor colors or resolutions. Transparent & anti-glare
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How to Measure Your Screen
All our screen protector measurements are taken from the upper left hand corner to the upper right corner, and from the upper left hand corner down to the lower left corner of the viewable area.
Protect Covers How to Measure LCD, Flat Panel, Touch Screen, Tablet PC Screens

Aides Infection Control

With our clear and transparent protectors on, you can use disinfectants, germicidal disposable cloths, or general cleaners like Windex without fear of damaging or spotting your monitor.

Easy to clean without having to remove the protector.

Custom Applications

We can make any size you need from 1 to 55 inches within 48 hrs.

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