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We have over 25 years experience fabricating custom protectors for a broad range of purposes from hand held scanners to specialized medical/military equipment. If you need a device protected from liquid spills, food, dirt, dust, oil, grease, moisture, germs, and bacteria, we can create it.  Each protector is made from .11 mm high-tech Polyurethane making them the most durable and puncture resistant on the market.  





•Please give us a call at +1 801 295 7739 and one of our custom design specialists will work one-on-one with you to identify your needs and solution.


•It would be helpful to email us a photo of your device in order for us to better understand your custom design needs.  We keep all photos, designs, concepts and information in complete confidence.  Email us at


•After an initial consulation, if we have identified a solution to meet your needs, a functioning or non-functioning model of the device needs to be sent to us in order to fabricate a custom mold. Please send the device to:


Protect Computer Products 
2216 North 640 West
West Bountiful, UT 84087


•After we have recieved the device we will review it with our engineer and get in contact with you regarding prototype charges and time frame. 


•A mold prototype will be created and a sample of your protector will be sent to you. If you are not satisfied with your sample protector we will make the requisite changes and send an additional sample.  Upon final approval, we will send the entire order. 


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